Green River Academy’s restoration was initiated by a small group of volunteers that saw an opportunity to restore an important community landmark while reviving its nearly 200 year old mission.

A group of friends gathered in 2009 to organize a non-profit to save the Green River Academy. With an initial donation of $5,000, the 8,000 square-foot building constructed in 1835 was purchased for only $20,000.




Laura Brock
Evelyn Boone
John Walton
Sharon Shanklin
Matthew Colin Bailey


The beautiful, but abandoned Green River Academy didn’t have much time left. Holes had opened in its roof while its brick walls began to crumble. After accomplishing a 501c3 designation, the group lobbied for a grant from the Federal Department of Housing & Urban Development. The Boards of Trustees carried over one-hundred letters from preservation and education supporters of the Pennyrile region to the Governor's Office of Kentucky. The letters all voiced pleas in favor of restoring the historic Green River Academy's "Main Building" for the purpose of establishing a center for advanced educational and archival purposes. As a result, Governor Steven L. Beshear placed the Green River Academy at the top of the 2011 funding list, saving the Green River Academy from destruction. 

in 2010, the Board of Trustees set guidelines for the restoration of the Green River Academy Main Building. The Trustees established design principles with the intention of protecting and preserving the unique design elements of the building while honoring the various time period that have altered the appearance and nature of the academy.