When completed, the Green River Academy will reopen its doors for the purposes of advanced education. Accomplished education professionals have been secured to reestablish the Green River Academy as a highly progressive educational force in our community.


As a response to the local community’s desire and need for a professionally curated archives facility, the Green River Academy will establish and operate a permanent collection for our region’s historic resources.


The Green River Academy was chosen by local businesses to be the host site for a new program in business recruitment. As this program develops, opportunities to attract new business in the Academy’s home community will increase significantly by showcasing local hospitality, culture and heritage. The Academy’s meeting spaces have been designed with technologically advanced features that will allow our patrons and community partners to easily communicate their ideas to clients and successfully recruit industry. The Academy will also offer extraordinary accommodations to overnight visitors so that our patrons may showcase the best of our community while keeping their clients within the Todd County community.